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Why You Should Try Golfing

Golf is widely regarded as a snobbish non-sport. Although, this has changed slightly in recent years. As proof, you can see how Tiger Woods has become a major superstar for a few years as well as golf’s return to the Olympics.

In case you don’t know, golf was an Olympic sport in 1900 and 1904. Now, it has returned for the 2016 Rio Olympics and will be returning in 2020 to Tokyo.

But how does that benefit you? Apparently, a lot. So much so, there are many reasons why, if you have a chance, playing golf can be largely beneficial.

There is always a challenge

mini golf

From your local mini golf course to the toughest terrains, golf can offer a challenge no matter whether you are you or Tiger Woods. Just like skiing or playing slots (that can you play here at different levels), golf is extremely beginner friendly but unlike skiing, you have a much lower chance of breaking your leg.

Never too late

If you are not in your best shape of your life, golf will take you on. It doesn’t mean, though, that you can get right from your couch to the golf course. You will need training. But given the fact that most golfers are at their peak performances at 40, 50 or even 60 years old, we say it’s never too late to start.

The Aura of business

business golf

Funnily enough, talk like this probably earned golf it’s snobbish reputation in the first place. But the fact is undeniable. People live golf because in between the moment of concentration, there are relatively long pauses to share your ideas and talk business.

That’s why poker will not be a business game ever, it’s too quiet. While pub games like billiards, darts or foosball simply are too alcohol-inviting.

Playing alone

While it’s always better to play with a partner due to the competitive edge, playing against your yesterday’s score is also a possibility. Besides, you need to practice.

Actually, it is not that uncommon to see someone practicing by themselves. Whether it’s for a competition, or just to stay in shape.

You are going to need it


Can you imagine if one day you boss would call you for a round of golf and you had to decline because you don’t know how to? There is no escaping the fact that rich people love golf and if you want to join this circle, you have to be there, too if you want that promotion or that corner office.

So, you better start practicing, Cowboy. You might need it soon.


It’s is obvious that ‘tough sport’ players will laugh at even a thought that golf is a sport. But the world is diverse. Some people play rugby, others compete at the poker table while we meet at the golf course. What’s important is that whatever you do, you have fun and, hopefully, get better every time you play.



Why You Should Stop Listening to So-Called Experts

How are me and you different form Elon Musk? No doubt, in many ways. But one trait in particular and that is asking permission. In the forums, here and elsewhere, I constantly see inexperience take the better out of the young ambitious entrepreneurs.

I get it, I have been where you are now for a very long time. Every step had to be confirmed. I constantly looked for guides, tips, and tricks, for new strategies and step-by-step how-tos guides to confirm that what I have planned would work.

I wanted success even before I tried.

Should you do it?


Yes, you should. Whatever you want to try and do, just do it. Will it work? I do not know. Probably not.

But here’s the kicker. Failing makes you better, while the never-ending process of getting ready moves you backwards.

You didn’t expect you’re getting better by reading all those guides, right? How can you? You don’t even know what you don’t know yet. Only failing can reveal to you the truth about how much you don’t yet know but should.

A Story to learn from

For 15 years I have enjoyed playing games online. One day, after my biggest day yet, $500 win in casino, I decided to invest that money on something I could build. I started looking for a niche.

I was paralyzed. Despite having a few general niche ideas, I couldn’t make the choice. I followed marketing influencers like Neil Patel, read all their guides, etc.

Which is crazy!

It’s like those French 101 lessons you took in high school. Yes, you did learn something but if the trip is only after a couple of years, you are going to learn everything again. Similarly, social media strategies haven no use to you if you are still writing your first blog post.


neil patel

Imagine you are writing a book or making a movie about your road to success. Perhaps, it would be nice if it looked like a dentist’s 1-page pamphlet with 3 main points – you started, never made a mistake, made lots of money.

But it doesn’t work like that.

Take any success story, real or fictional. You will see that 99% of them were built through blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice.

It may be a cliché, but one that is worth remembering:

“If it was easy, everyone would do it”

Let yourself fail. You are only baking that story of yours more interesting.


My point is, geniuses of the industry can be useful, in certain times. But for the most part, they just distract you from your own goals. Honestly, the last three content strategy (pick any theme) tips you read on Facebook… weren’t they about pretty much the same thing?

Still want to dedicate time for learning? Fine. But do it only after you completed your business tasks for that day. This way you know you continue doing what is most valuable to you.

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Best Golf facts from around the world

Golf that has its origin dating back to decades ago is a sport that involves a club, and a ball where the players use the different kinds of the club to hit the golf ball into a series of holes that are on the course is as few strokes as possible.

The game of Golf has been growing over the years has been growing popularly and inspiring many to learn the art of the game. But there is more to the sport than just clubs, courses and golf balls.

It is always interesting to learn about facts and add them to our library in our brain so here is a lineup of facts about Golf:

Did you know?

  1. Golf was invented in Scotland over 500 years ago, but the Chinese claim a similar game as far back as AD 943.
  2. A regular Golf Course consists a total number of 18 holes.
  3. The first Golf balls used in the 16th century is believed to be made entirely of hardwood, such as beech and box trees.
  4. Up until 19th century, Golf balls were earlier made from feathers that were first boiled and then later stuffed into a leather pouch which was then sewn into the shape of a ball. One ball would cost a total of $10-$20.
  5. The world’s first golf tournament was held on 9 January 1811 at Musselburgh in Scotland. The winner received a fishing basket, while the second and the third received a silk scarf each all the way from Barcelona
  6. Americans spend around $600 million on Golf balls every year.
  7. Only two sports were ever played while being on the moon- one of Golf and the other is Javelin throw.
  8. A total of 125,000 golf balls in a year are hit into the water on the famous Stadium Course’s 17th hole, which is located at Sawgrass
  9. Only 20% of golfers have a handicap below 18, and a golfer with a handicap of 18 is called a ‘Bogey Golfer.’
  10. Lee Trevino, a popular and a successful golf player, was hit by lightning twice
  11. Tiger Woods was only 8 when he got his very first held in one.
  12. The chances of making two holes-in-one in a round of golf is 1 in 67 million
  13. Before the 1957 Masters, Doug Ford- a golfer entered a contest, and he anticipated his Victory as well as his winning score which was 282.
  14. Tiger Woods has won over a total amount of $100million in prize money-and counting.
  15. Phil Mickelson, who plays left handed on Golf, is actually a right handed. He had learned to play Golf by mirroring his father’s swing. So he has been using left handed clubs ever since then.
  16. Golf is an incredible sport as well a very good exercise. A man weighing 79 kilos can burn 460 calories if he carries his bag of clubs during an hour of play and on a nine hold course, he can end up walking almost 4 km