Best Golf Tips and Tricks that you must know

Golf is not an easy game, and maybe you have tried but don’t seem to get the hang of it? Or you want to get a better.  Here are a few tips and tricks about golfing and all the nuances to boost up your golfing skills.

  1. The Club– A golfer can have 14 clubs in the bag, and one needs to choose the right club. There is more to choosing just any club, factors like distance, wind, natural shot tendency and so have a role to play in choosing the right club. Each club has their purposes.
  2. Aligning the clubface– This is one of the common mistakes that amateurs usually make. The proper way of aligning your shot is firstly aiming and then determining your mark from behind the golf ball. This will help in visualising where the ball would go. Furthermore, before you make your stance, fix the clubface, just behind the golf ball and aligning it straight to the target.
  3. The Grip– The grip is the most fundamental link between the club and you. Your palms need to face each other, and your wrist should have the flexibility to be able to hinge up and down. A proper grip plays a vital role in the game.
  4. The power of your swing– Many try to produce power and speed using only their arms and wrists. The key to producing enough power depends on the torso, not just the arm. It is the torso that creates the major part of the speed that a swing needs.
  5. Staying connected– The body, arms, hands and the club should be connected and turning together. Use your shoulders more to take the club and not allowing your hands to get too far from the rotation of your body.
  6. Keep up your stance– Many change their stance based on the club they pick but maintaining a stance throughout with any clubs has been better. Minor adjustments base on the ball position and distance is, of course, okay but the way you stand should not change so much.
  7. Spacing– You have to make sure that there is enough space for you to swing your club. If your body seems to be blocking your club from making a proper swing, your back swing would not be complete. You need to make a full upper body turn and not only your club going back with your arms.
  8. Going with the wind– The wind can be a challenging factor, but it does not make it impossible to golf. The direction of the wind should be taken into account. Instead of fighting the wind, make the wind work for you.
  9. Find time and Give time– Besides the correct physical sequence to let the clubface hit the ball straight. If you are not focused on progressing in the game, you won’t. No matter what swing you may copy if you don’t practice you won’t improve. People attain merit in their own respective field only through deliberate practices. Find your weakness and practice till it is no longer your weakness.

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