Best golf players of all time

Over the years Golf has grown to be one of the biggest and also the widely played sports in the world, and there are quite some incredible golfers from around the world. There is quite a list of factors that are accounted for when one is chosen or when one becomes the best Golfer. Factors that are involved would be the total number of their major victories, their wins, their titles, numbers, PGA Tour wins and also the longevity. Therefore based on their record over the time, here is a list of the best Golf players of all time.

  1. Jack Nicklaus: Jack Nicklaus is one of the greatest Golfers. He was consistent in his wins, and he won 18 Majors, 3 Career Grand Slams, eight times for the PGA Tour money title, 73 career wins on the PGA Tour and also won the Masters six times during his career. Nicklaus finished in the top 5 in the majors with a record of 56 times and in the top 10 with a record of 73 times, finished as being one of the top three in a total of 48 Majors.
  2. Tiger Woods: Tiger Woods too, no doubt he will be on this listing. He is a standout player and had won 14 majors, 79 PGA Tour wins, 3 Career Grand Slams, the Varden trophy winner eight times, a 10 –time PGA Player of the year and is the only player ever to win four consecutive majors. Woods is the golfer that has won the most prize money; he had also won a lot of money titles, scoring titles, player of the year awards
  3. Bobby Jones: The four majors that were there which are – the two Open Championships (the British and U.S) and the two Amateur Championships (the British and the U.S) had all been won by Bobby Jones 13 times and the Grams Slam in 1930. Bobby Jones had played in 31 majors, won 13 and finished in the top 10- 27 times and he has seven major wins.
  4. Ben Hogan: Albeit Ben Hogan had to struggle for years on tour before his breakthrough, but he still won 9 Majors, Career Grand Slam winner, winning 64 Tour events on the PGA Tour, four times PGA Player of the Year and a total of 62 career wins. Hogan was one of the five players to possess a modern career Grand Slam and the only player to win Masters, U.S. Open and British Open in the same year
  5. Arnold Palmer: Another man who is one of the best, Arnold Palmer had won the PGA Tour 62 times, four times winner if the PGA Tour money champ, 1st PGA Tour Millionaire, seven major wins. He was the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the year 1960, and he had contributed in enlivening Golf as a sport and also as entertainment with his very own go-for-broke playing style. He can be called as one the best putters of all time.

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