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Top 5 Golf grounds from around the world

Golf is a sport that has its origin from decades ago, and it is still popularly played. This game cannot be played in any setting; it requires a specific course to play on. Being a modern game there is also a large number of golf courses around the world- definitely more than a 100.

So here is a list of the top 5 golf courses around the world:

  1. Pine Valley G.C: This G.C was founded by George Crump, and with the help of a few architects namely H.S.Colt, A.W.Tillinghast, George C.Thomas Jr., Walter Travis, Hugh Wilson transformed the area into a beautiful G.C that deserves to be on the top. Located in Pine Valley, N.J., U.S.A, It spreads over 7,057 yard- Par 70. It has its own unique characteristics from the sandy pine barrens of the South West Jersey. To add to its characteristics, the Pine Valley blends all the three schools of golf design-heroic, penal and strategic making it frequently alluded as one of the most difficult courses in the world
  2. Cypress Point Club– Located in Pebble Beach, California, U.S.A with the area of 6,542 yards, Par-72 is a beautiful, timeless masterpiece by Dr Alister Mackenzie. This G.C is interlaced through Cypress, the sand dunes and the jagged coastline consisting of a diversity of terrain making it a unique course and a perfect course just the way it is.
  3. Royal County down G.C: This G.C is located in Newcastle, County Down, Northern Ireland with the area up to 7,186 yards- Par 71. This flat green course has its designs attributed to Old Tom Morris, but over the 120 years, almost of dozen of architecture contributed in refining the course. It is a charming place to golf with the Dundrum Bay to the east sweeping out into the Irish Sea, golden blooms of gorse-covered dunes and heather and The majestic Mountains of Mourne to the South
  4. Andrews (Old course): This G.C located in St. Andrews, Scotland, United Kingdom spreads over 7,279 yards- Par 72. The game has been played over this course since the 15th Century. Adding to the old course, four more beautiful 18-hole courses, one 9-hole course and also an area to accommodate golfers with all levels of skills. This G.C is challenging because of the wild North Sea dunes.
  5. Shinnecock Hills G.C.: This sublime G.C is located in Southampton, N.Y., U.S.A with 7.041 yards- Par 70. It is considered to be one of the earliest links in America. The Shinnecock Hills Golf Club was one of the first where the first specially designed golf clubhouses were built. Not just that, the Gold Club is also one of the five founding members of the USGA. The Shinnecock G.C perfectly utilises its outstanding features of the area. The course delivers a variety because of the rolling terrain that the south shore of the Long Island gives, and the winds of the Atlantic Ocean can prove to be quite challenging.  Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw Team has made a few changes for the preparation of the 2018 U.S.Open which is to be conducted in this very Shinnecock Hill G.C.

Best golf players of all time

Over the years Golf has grown to be one of the biggest and also the widely played sports in the world, and there are quite some incredible golfers from around the world. There is quite a list of factors that are accounted for when one is chosen or when one becomes the best Golfer. Factors that are involved would be the total number of their major victories, their wins, their titles, numbers, PGA Tour wins and also the longevity. Therefore based on their record over the time, here is a list of the best Golf players of all time.

  1. Jack Nicklaus: Jack Nicklaus is one of the greatest Golfers. He was consistent in his wins, and he won 18 Majors, 3 Career Grand Slams, eight times for the PGA Tour money title, 73 career wins on the PGA Tour and also won the Masters six times during his career. Nicklaus finished in the top 5 in the majors with a record of 56 times and in the top 10 with a record of 73 times, finished as being one of the top three in a total of 48 Majors.
  2. Tiger Woods: Tiger Woods too, no doubt he will be on this listing. He is a standout player and had won 14 majors, 79 PGA Tour wins, 3 Career Grand Slams, the Varden trophy winner eight times, a 10 –time PGA Player of the year and is the only player ever to win four consecutive majors. Woods is the golfer that has won the most prize money; he had also won a lot of money titles, scoring titles, player of the year awards
  3. Bobby Jones: The four majors that were there which are – the two Open Championships (the British and U.S) and the two Amateur Championships (the British and the U.S) had all been won by Bobby Jones 13 times and the Grams Slam in 1930. Bobby Jones had played in 31 majors, won 13 and finished in the top 10- 27 times and he has seven major wins.
  4. Ben Hogan: Albeit Ben Hogan had to struggle for years on tour before his breakthrough, but he still won 9 Majors, Career Grand Slam winner, winning 64 Tour events on the PGA Tour, four times PGA Player of the Year and a total of 62 career wins. Hogan was one of the five players to possess a modern career Grand Slam and the only player to win Masters, U.S. Open and British Open in the same year
  5. Arnold Palmer: Another man who is one of the best, Arnold Palmer had won the PGA Tour 62 times, four times winner if the PGA Tour money champ, 1st PGA Tour Millionaire, seven major wins. He was the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the year 1960, and he had contributed in enlivening Golf as a sport and also as entertainment with his very own go-for-broke playing style. He can be called as one the best putters of all time.

Best Golf facts from around the world

Golf that has its origin dating back to decades ago is a sport that involves a club, and a ball where the players use the different kinds of the club to hit the golf ball into a series of holes that are on the course is as few strokes as possible.

The game of Golf has been growing over the years has been growing popularly and inspiring many to learn the art of the game. But there is more to the sport than just clubs, courses and golf balls.

It is always interesting to learn about facts and add them to our library in our brain so here is a lineup of facts about Golf:

Did you know?

  1. Golf was invented in Scotland over 500 years ago, but the Chinese claim a similar game as far back as AD 943.
  2. A regular Golf Course consists a total number of 18 holes.
  3. The first Golf balls used in the 16th century is believed to be made entirely of hardwood, such as beech and box trees.
  4. Up until 19th century, Golf balls were earlier made from feathers that were first boiled and then later stuffed into a leather pouch which was then sewn into the shape of a ball. One ball would cost a total of $10-$20.
  5. The world’s first golf tournament was held on 9 January 1811 at Musselburgh in Scotland. The winner received a fishing basket, while the second and the third received a silk scarf each all the way from Barcelona
  6. Americans spend around $600 million on Golf balls every year.
  7. Only two sports were ever played while being on the moon- one of Golf and the other is Javelin throw.
  8. A total of 125,000 golf balls in a year are hit into the water on the famous Stadium Course’s 17th hole, which is located at Sawgrass
  9. Only 20% of golfers have a handicap below 18, and a golfer with a handicap of 18 is called a ‘Bogey Golfer.’
  10. Lee Trevino, a popular and a successful golf player, was hit by lightning twice
  11. Tiger Woods was only 8 when he got his very first held in one.
  12. The chances of making two holes-in-one in a round of golf is 1 in 67 million
  13. Before the 1957 Masters, Doug Ford- a golfer entered a contest, and he anticipated his Victory as well as his winning score which was 282.
  14. Tiger Woods has won over a total amount of $100million in prize money-and counting.
  15. Phil Mickelson, who plays left handed on Golf, is actually a right handed. He had learned to play Golf by mirroring his father’s swing. So he has been using left handed clubs ever since then.
  16. Golf is an incredible sport as well a very good exercise. A man weighing 79 kilos can burn 460 calories if he carries his bag of clubs during an hour of play and on a nine hold course, he can end up walking almost 4 km

Best Golf Tips and Tricks that you must know

Golf is not an easy game, and maybe you have tried but don’t seem to get the hang of it? Or you want to get a better.  Here are a few tips and tricks about golfing and all the nuances to boost up your golfing skills.

  1. The Club– A golfer can have 14 clubs in the bag, and one needs to choose the right club. There is more to choosing just any club, factors like distance, wind, natural shot tendency and so have a role to play in choosing the right club. Each club has their purposes.
  2. Aligning the clubface– This is one of the common mistakes that amateurs usually make. The proper way of aligning your shot is firstly aiming and then determining your mark from behind the golf ball. This will help in visualising where the ball would go. Furthermore, before you make your stance, fix the clubface, just behind the golf ball and aligning it straight to the target.
  3. The Grip– The grip is the most fundamental link between the club and you. Your palms need to face each other, and your wrist should have the flexibility to be able to hinge up and down. A proper grip plays a vital role in the game.
  4. The power of your swing– Many try to produce power and speed using only their arms and wrists. The key to producing enough power depends on the torso, not just the arm. It is the torso that creates the major part of the speed that a swing needs.
  5. Staying connected– The body, arms, hands and the club should be connected and turning together. Use your shoulders more to take the club and not allowing your hands to get too far from the rotation of your body.
  6. Keep up your stance– Many change their stance based on the club they pick but maintaining a stance throughout with any clubs has been better. Minor adjustments base on the ball position and distance is, of course, okay but the way you stand should not change so much.
  7. Spacing– You have to make sure that there is enough space for you to swing your club. If your body seems to be blocking your club from making a proper swing, your back swing would not be complete. You need to make a full upper body turn and not only your club going back with your arms.
  8. Going with the wind– The wind can be a challenging factor, but it does not make it impossible to golf. The direction of the wind should be taken into account. Instead of fighting the wind, make the wind work for you.
  9. Find time and Give time– Besides the correct physical sequence to let the clubface hit the ball straight. If you are not focused on progressing in the game, you won’t. No matter what swing you may copy if you don’t practice you won’t improve. People attain merit in their own respective field only through deliberate practices. Find your weakness and practice till it is no longer your weakness.